About Me

My Background


                           I grew up in Santa Clara when the South Bay  was  still  mostly  fruit  orchards.  My parents  recognized  my  talent  at a  very  young  age  and  encouraged  arts  and  crafts.   Art  was  my  best  subject  throughout  school.   In college I majored  in art  until  I  discovered  Interior  Design!  For  over thirty years I poured most of  my creative energy into my Interior Design business. In the early nineties I moved  to Sausalito.   Almost  nightly, I  witnessed  glorious sunsets behind Mt.Tamalpias.  My fingers itched to recreate what I saw on paper. I tried several media’s, watercolor, acrylics but it was soft pastel that worked for best  me!  I  have since,   painted hundreds of sunsets and sunrises in soft pastel.  I work mostly from photographs ,  since light changes quickly. I enjoy making landscapes which feature nature.  My love of all animals has led me to capture my many critters.  My pet portraits of dogs, cats and birds are still in demand. I enjoy making a piece of art that reminds my patrons of happy times. My phylosophy in Interior Design is to create beauty in spaces. In artwork,  I  strive to recreate happy memories in sinc with today’s environment. 

My Medium


My current favorite medium is soft pastel. Pure pigment is pressed into sticks similar to a piece of chalk. Using sanded paper and workable fixative, I can layer and build an image, soft ,blurry or sharp and crisp.  I also love to draw with pencil, charcoal, and pen and ink. My favorite way to paint is with watercolors.  

My Inspiration


My artwork studio is on a yacht in Sausalito. This location gives me the unique opportunity to witness nature in all her glory!  The sky water and light are constantly changing. The combinations of colors and drama in the sunrises and sunsets are almost unbelievable.  I also have Mt. Tamalpias minutes away. I love to explore trails through thousands  of  years old redwood groves. I am truly blessed to be able to work in this place. I hope my gratitude shines through my work.